We are a community of travelers of all ages who share our stories with the world with the goal of inspiring others to join us in seeing the world.
Traveling allows you to experience more than you thought possible. From flying in a balloon over millennium-old temples to riding on a Siberian train, the people that you meet and the experiences that you collect help to instill a tolerance and love of humanity that we believe is necessary to grow.
We aim to share our story, to teach others how rewarding a backpack can be, and how – with the right planning – affordable it can truly be.
During the past year, Eric and James have been to more than ten countries in the past twelve months – both while working full time in our respective businesses.
Some of our travels over the past year include (but are not limited to):
Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, England, Scotland, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia.
Upcoming trips are planned to Brazil and Cuba, with many more adventures on the horizon.

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