About the Travelers

Eric Gutschmidt


Hello, Eric here.
The travel bug found me during a summer in Europe when I was 15 and it changed the course of my life forever.  There is a feeling you get when you see the Coliseum or the Great Wall of China that has no words in the English language.  And then you start to realize that if there are emotions you never knew about before, then what else might be out there…

James Locke
Hi, I’m James.
My travels of late have all been to Southeast Asia. The most exciting part of this past year has been when we got to witness Myanmar’s first free election in 25 years IN MYANMAR.
I love to teach people how to fly and travel for (almost) free.

Dan Richards

Umm… I’ve been to Nashville once, does that count? No? Well then….
I take care of this website. I haven’t traveled outside of America yet, but I’m hoping to soon. Eric keeps promising me that it’s much more exciting than managing websites. We’ll see. 😉